Friday, September 19, 2014

Having Them Both There

Last night we took Elijah through the Temple
for the first time.  What an AMAZING
experience it was!

Before with the sun in his eyes.

After with the pretty lights on and my
face all red from crying so much----awesome.

It was a special feeling being in the Temple with my son
and my husband both there.  It gives a tiny bit of
 perspective into the concept of Eternal Families.
I sure *LOVE* mine!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And You. Look. Like. One. Too.

With T- two weeks to report to the MTC and
tomorrow going through the temple, it was 
time for the hair to go!

So I took him in and said, "He's going on a mission."
They knew just what to do!

So now not only does he bear the title
"Elder", he looks like one too!

I think it looks great on him, all grown up and ready
to share the Gospel.  We are so proud of this young
man, and for those of you who were wondering;
YES... he does smile!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sometimes when it Rains...... it Pours!!!

I absolutely *LOVE* this picture of Alexis!
When she was young, I thought she would
never grow up and that she would be my
little girl *FOREVER*.
Well, I knew she would grow up but I didn't
expect it to come so *SOON*!  Where has
the time gone!?
In two weeks both of my twins are growing up.  Elijah
is leaving to serve a two year mission for our church,
The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He
will be serving in Honolulu Hawaii and we are all 
*SUPER* excited for him!
 Alexis will be moving into BYU housing to continue with
her schooling and work.  We are also *SUPER* excited
for her to have new adventures and experiences.

Sometimes when it rains...... it pours and as
 a mother all of this change can make for a pretty
emotional and weepy time.  Which it has, believe me
I've had a hard time keeping my eyes dry lately knowing
they are both leaving in two weeks!
But there's also a *PEACE* to be found that comes
from knowing that all this hard stuff we are going through
is the *REASON* why we are here.  It helps us to learn,
gain experience, grow and become better people.   These
experiences will be good for them both in so many ways. 
Another thing that brings *PEACE*, in perhaps even
a greater measure is that my children will be my children
and *NOTHING* could *EVER* change that...
...okay gotta go cry now.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Last night Paul and I took the girls to the
State Fair because it was free day
for all Police Officers, and we
have one of those!!!
The girls wanted a souvenir so they
decided to have their picture taken
with these two slithery friends.
This is as close as I liked to get to them,
I am NOT a snake lover; you could say
that I am a bit ...Squeemishhhh!!!
So you can imagine that when Lexi asked the
question after she held them "So Mom, can I
have a pet snake?"  The answer was:
"Sure sweetheart you can have as many pet snakes
as you want.................when you move out!!!"

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hurting Something Awesome!

As the time draws closer for Elijah to report
to the MTC, the busier we are getting
things ready for him to go. 
He is my first one to go on a mission and I have
such a mixture of feelings about the whole
thing.  I feel happy that he is going to
have such an amazing experience
teaching others about the Gospel.
I also feel extremely sad that my son will be
away from home for 2 years.   Each thing
 we get done that brings us closer to him
leaving brings a new wave of mixed
The next thing coming is us taking him through
the temple for the first time.  We are so
excited, and sad all at the same time!
I think it's a feeling that you can't
possibly relate to until you have
been through it as a parent. 
The best way I can think
of to describe it is to
say that I am
Hurting Something Awesome!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Double digits

Happy 10th Birthday to my Jacob Dallin today!!!
Jacob is such a joy to have in our family.
He has always done things "Jacob style"
and brings a smile to my face daily with
the witty things he says.
Jacob absolutely loves to build with Legos,
and he also like Mario brothers games,
and Scooby-Doo movies-classic!!!


I can't believe he is the big double digits today, it seems
like just yesterday these pictures were taken.


Happy 10th Birthday Jacob Dallin,
We Love You So Much!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Schmidt Book of Adventures

Since school started a couple of weeks ago,
these two have had some time to play
together by themselves and they've
had a lot of fun doing it and
have grown closer together
as a result.

That's about to change, at least 3 days out of the week.
Teancum is entering the interesting, new world
of pre-school.

I know Isaac will miss Teancum on those mornings,
but then it will give Isaac and I a chance to have
some one on one time together and I know he'll
love that.  He loves to curl up with me while
I read to him, and Teancum is so excited
for pre-school that he can hardly
contain himself. 

It's a new chapter in the Schmidt
Book of Adventures!  Oh what
a great Adventure it's been!