Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thriving in Maui

Ok, so I have been slacking on getting these out.  It's been busy
getting another one ready for a mission so soon after sending
one on a mission.  I guess it comes with the territory of
having twins!  So here are the last 3 letters he wrote
a bunch of pictures he sent...
Dear Mom,
I am here in Hawaii and it's everything I've heard about it.  It's humid, hot, and very pretty here with the ocean right next door to where I am. So to start from the beginning, because of the delay of our flight we didn't even take off until 7 pm and then we had to fly to L.A. and then catch a flight to Hawaii.  By the time we arrived in Hawaii it was 12:00 local time which would be 4 am Utah time, so I was pretty tired!  I know you are wondering how I did on the flight over there, but it was dark and I couldn't see a thing, so I did ok.   The mission president and his wife greeted us at the airport then we went to a members house to spend the night.  Then we went to the mission president's home for breakfast and got to know each other.  That night we went to a baptism which was really cool. 
After that we got our assignment areas and companions.  My companion is Elder Palmer who has been out for 15 months.  My first area is Maui west Zone.
Early the next morning Elder Palmer and I  took a flight to Maui which was only a 20 minute flight and this time got a picture.  We got moved in and got to look around the area we will be serving in.
We met with the ward mission leader and  did some tracking THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!  Some wanted to know more and others didn't.  We have also met some members who are great!  I am doing great here and I will be home before you know it.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
I love you all,
Elder Schmidt
Dear Mom,
It's day 4 in the field and everything is going great.  We are getting a hurricane so hopefully it doesn't hit us.  It's really hot but the people are really nice and very generous with food.  The want you to have lots and lots of food.  Some of the things they say are:  "You still hungry, please take more, oh you want more of this, take some it is so good, still hungry I have this, TAKE SOME HOME, EAT MORE!!!"  There is one food I won't try it's called bailet and it's an egg that is half developed and then they stop the growth so when you eat it the baby chicken moves around in your throat.  I think I just lost my lunch just writing that.  I don't, repeat DON'T want to try it!!!!!!
I am loving it here, it's so pretty!  Except that there are daddy long legs spiders everywhere, it's gross.  Everyone is really nice and I am learning a lot and making many friends.   So how is everyone doing?  How are you? 
Love you Mom, Dad, Alexis, Michaela, Jarom, Noah, Jacob, Christian, Teancum, and Isaac
Elder Schmidt
Ok Schmidts,
How is Utah?  Is there snow yet?  Anything big happen?  I want to hear everything!!!  Here in Hawaii lies Elder Schmidt doing the Lord's work, in Maui in the Kahului ward where everybody is super nice. 
The past week has been a blur and once you get in to the work time just wizzes by.  It really is like serving a foreign mission here and it's very different form Utah.  There are a lot of bugs and animals.  Also more nationalities like Mexican's, Tongan's, Philippines', Samoan's, Chinese, Japanese and the list goes on and on.
Some of the locals want me to try "their food" and some food I have tried is Kentucky Fried goat, different types of salmon, asparagus, coconut including the milk, apple bananas, kumquat, local spaghetti, and lots and lots of rice, they eat rice with every meal here.  They want me to try raw fish so that should be interesting!
I blessed oil today and my companion gave a blessing for the healing of the sick and that was a really cool experience. 
The Island of Maui is very beautiful and there is palm trees everywhere and so many birds that roam here:  the pelican, swan, ducks, roosters, chickens, seagulls, ravens and more that I don't know the names of.  Every house that I have visited has a dog and they all bark.  Some are quite scary and will bolt towards you only to be stopped by a chain.
I have been tracking now 6 times and I have only had one slam of the door in my face--yay!!!
Some are too busy or not interested and some try to convert us to their religion. 
They have us doing hard work too like moving furniture, pouring concrete, digging holes, filling up holes, cutting tile, and other chores.  I have learned a lot and have been able to teach many people. 
The children love missionaries here which is awesome.  P-day is awesome I get to do volleyball, basketball, Frisbee, and I hope to go hiking soon.  I like to email on p-days as well but I prefer to write long letters and save email for chatting. 
Alexis, congratulations on choosing to serve a mission!!!  It will bless you throughout your life!  It is truly a testimony builder and is building my faith in Christ.  I'm glad you saw meet the Mormons, I got to see it too and it was really good!!!
Thanks for the Halloween decorations, we decorated the front with some of them.  And dad, I'm working out every morning check it out!  Ha ha!
With lots of Love,
Aloha Elder Schmidt





Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Waiting for the letters

hey mom i am doing great it is really hot here and the food is great. i got my first companion his name is elder palmer he is a great trainer. i was safe from the storm it didnt hit us at all. i am sending a package with 2 letters and other stuff so you should get that pretty soon.
Elder Schmidt
Okay, so he doesn't like to e-mail--ha ha!  I was thinking
Wow, what a short and sweet email!!!!!  So I guess
I wait for the letters, which I will retype and share.
Here are the pictures he sent:

Friday, October 17, 2014


Picture of Elder Schmidt
And here with  his mission
President and wife.  President Warner and
his wife seem so kind and they say they
already love Elder Schmidt as if he
were one of their own.

Here are all the new missionaries with
President Warner and his wife.

I was so glad to get these and an email from President
Warner that he got there safely.  I was excited to hear
where he will be serving in his first area
-Kahului, Maui.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Wonderful Missionaries on Their Way to Hawaii Singing Songs of Zion"

I got this email from an awesome random person at the
Salt Lake City Airport yesterday.  It was titled "Wonderful
Missionaries on their way to Hawaii singing songs of Zion."
Their flight was delayed by 4 hours and they were entertaining
the other passengers with hymns. 

I guess the plane's air
 conditioning wasn't working and they couldn't fly over
 the ocean under those conditions.  They eventually were
put on a plane to LA and then on to Hawaii, but by the time
they got to Hawaii it was pretty late.  So even though it was
p-day yesterday, we didn't get an email from him.  So now
we'll have to wait to hear from him until next Monday. 



Elder Schmidt with his companion Elder Johnson. 
I love this Elder and as hard as it is to let him go,
I know that he was never mine to begin with.
He is Heavenly Fathers, I just got to guide
him for a while.  I know Heavenly Father
will watch over and protect him.
I am going to need to remember this lesson
I have learned in the days ahead as I help
Elijah's twin Alexis fill out and turn in...
Yes, she has moved back home and is turning in
her mission papers.  She is SO excited as are we
for her to have this wonderful experience in
her life.  WOW!  We are going to have 2
missionaries out at once!!!  Hey we just
did this!!!  Oh the Joys of having

Friday, October 10, 2014

Proud Mama Moments

Wednesday when I dropped my boys at school,
I noticed that they were being typical and
racing to see who could get to the school
doors first.  Christian was in the lead
and would have beat Jacob to the
door.  Would have...... but when he
reached the crosswalk he did
something that made me one

He saw one of his classmates from his
class, so he stopped running, turned
around and went back to go walk with
him.  This made me particularly
proud because this classmate is
handicapped, requires a walker to
get around and is very slow. 
When I asked him about it later he said
 it was well worth the loss
of the race for him to see his classmate
grinning from ear to ear!  That's my boy!

Another of my many proud mama moments
this week was getting a second paper letter
from Elder Schmidt:

Dear Mom and Dad,
How have you been?  I am doing very well.  My companion is great,
I love him and everyone else in my district and zone.  I learned a ton
this past week, done things I never thought I could do, and talked to
a bunch of investigators.  It is just great, there is no other place I
would rather be than here.  I have grown so much this past week,
I can't even believe it.  I have had so many spiritual experiences
with bearing my testimony, teaching investigators, and prayer.
I just love the gospel and I can't wait to get started. 
I love you all and see you sooner than you think,
Elder Schmidt
I just love Proud Mama Moments, and just
when I think I couldn't possibly be any prouder,
  my kids prove me wrong!

Monday, October 6, 2014


With things becoming more and more black
and white in the world, I think it's important
to stand tall in our beliefs and values!
"Even as we seek to be meek and avoid contention, we must not
compromise or dilute our commitment to the truths that we understand.
We must not surrender our positions or our values."
Elder Dallin H.  Oaks
I believe that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained
of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the
Eternal destiny of his children.
I believe that gender is an essential characteristic of individual
pre-mortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.
I believe that God has commanded that the sacred powers of
procreation are to be employed ONLY between MAN AND WOMAN,
lawfully wedded as husband and wife.
Taken from The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Friday, October 3, 2014


Who knew that 13 lines in a letter could bring
such relief, such comfort, such great JOY!!!
Today I received Elijah's first letter and I
assure you that 13 lines was
Elijah doesn't love emailing and so I expected that we 
would get mostly physical letters, which is what this
one was:
"Hey Mom, Dad, and everybody else.  I am doing
Really well.  It's definitely not EASY but not too hard.
I will get to write to you every Wednesday while I am in the
MTC which will only be twice.  I have found everything
ok in my suitcases and everything is organized.  The food is
 very, VERY good and I got my companion today.  He is
very funny and very nice.  We share a lot of the same
interests.  Such as we love the outdoors, we love music, we love
food A LOT, also we hate mayonnaise, mustard and sour cream.
His name is Elder Johnson and I am very excited to work with him.
So everything is good, learning a lot.  I will tell you what time I leave
for the plane when I know.  It's really awesome here.
Love you all,  Elder Schmidt"
I am told that most Elders don't write a ton, so I wasn't
expecting a 5 page letter.  I am just so thrilled with my
13 line letter!  He's alive, eating, learning, growing,
 serving, and happy!  Like he said: