Monday, September 1, 2014

Schmidt Book of Adventures

Since school started a couple of weeks ago,
these two have had some time to play
together by themselves and they've
had a lot of fun doing it and
have grown closer together
as a result.

That's about to change, at least 3 days out of the week.
Teancum is entering the interesting, new world
of pre-school.

I know Isaac will miss Teancum on those mornings,
but then it will give Isaac and I a chance to have
some one on one time together and I know he'll
love that.  He loves to curl up with me while
I read to him, and Teancum is so excited
for pre-school that he can hardly
contain himself. 

It's a new chapter in the Schmidt
Book of Adventures!  Oh what
a great Adventure it's been!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garbage Bag Lagoon

We went to Lagoon last Friday to celebrate
Paul and Jarom's birthday.  I didn't get 
pictures of everyone because we
 implemented the divide and 
conquer technique.

I was on little kid duty and got some good ones of 
these two.  The train was a favorite for our 
Thomas lover!

Teancum screamed and screamed when we first
boarded this ride.  He said he wanted to get off 
and he didn't like it.  You can see from this
picture that he ended up changing his 
mind,  he loved it!  Oh I love this kid!

Paul was on middle kid duty aka:   Jacob and Christain.

These are some pictures Lexi took-good job Lexi!!!

We started off at the water park in the morning and after
lunch we headed to the rides.  Right about dinner time
it started pouring rain, so we left to get some pizza.
When it was still raining after the pizza we debated
what to do.  We decided to run to Walmart for 
some rain ponchos.  They were out so we 
settled for garbage bags!  We looked pretty
silly but we were not about to let a bit of 
rain keep us from having fun!  Besides, 
there were plenty of others wearing 
garbage bags as well.  So it poured
and we rode until we closed the
 place down!  Another 
Schmidt Adventure!

Tired kids ready to go home.  It was a fun, fun day!!!
Most kids were passed out before we even hit the 
freeway!  I think we got our money's worth!

Monday, August 25, 2014

48 and 15

Happy birthday to my sweetie, Paul today
and my sweet son, Jarom tomorrow!!!

Because of Paul's work we celebrated their
birthdays this last weekend.  It was really, really fun!

Okay, can I just say that I married an amazing man!
I mean he has been through so much in his life, 
between having both his legs in casts at a very
young age, having surgery on his eye at 8,
loosing his brother David to fire at 13, 
having cancer not once but twice in
his life, along with a long list of 
other very challenging and 
difficult trials--he has every
reason to complain and be bitter.
But he hasn't, and through it all he has
been such a HUGE example to me of 
someone who hold's to his faith and endures
to the end.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in our family.
Jarom is such a resilient and strong young man!  
He was born with a club foot and it was basically 
backwards and upside down when he was born.
He had his first surgery on it at 6 months, his 
second at 18 months (pictured here), his third 
at 6 years, and his fourth at 12.  Through it 
all he has been such a trooper and has not
complained or whined one bit!  He is 
so kind and is always thinking of
other people and how he can 
make their day better.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Good note to end on

We wanted to do something fun before school
started up again, so we went camping.

 After we set up camp the little kids got their fill of
 Hobble creek. 

My favorite, time for a campfire!  Christian
loves to help out!

With campfires and coals comes tin foil dinners, 

unless you are Teancum and only like hot dogs
smothered in ketchup.

Camp smooching is the best!

Especially while cuddling by a campfire.

Boys being boys.

Elijah was a big help with loading and unloading
the car.  We realized that this could be our last
camp out with him before he leaves for his 
mission.  We try to go at least a couple 
of times in the fall but things always 
get busy. 

It was a good, fun camp out and a good note
to end on if it was the last one!

Friday, August 15, 2014

It FINALLY Came!!!

Elijah's Mission call finally arrived and last night
was the big night to open it.  

This is how it went:



Honolulu Hawaii!!!  What a dream mission!!!

We are all so excited!!!

Elder Schmidt will be serving in Honolulu for 2 years,
speaking English and reporting to the Provo MTC 
on October 1st.

The Honolulu Hawaii LDS Temple.  I know he will do great
and be an awesome missionary!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Suspense is a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety.  This emotion arises when someone is aware of his lack of knowledge about the development of a meaningful event; thus, suspense is a combination of anticipation and uncertainty dealing with the obscurity of the future. 

I'd say there is quite a bit of this at our house right now, we 
weren't sure if Elijah's mission call would come today or tomorrow.
Well, it the mail carrier came and went and we still have no mission
call so that answers our question.  The answer being:  Tomorrow...

Monday, August 11, 2014

These Warm Sunny Days

These warm sunny days of splashing and fun
With the children outside, they swim and they run

They splish and they splash till their hearts are content
Then they play and explore until they are spent

Oh how we love these warm sunny days
So much fun to be had and things to amaze

Children laughing, running, beaming with joy
They would rather be here than playing with toys

 So many things to see, taste and smell
So many things to scream, shout and yell

Not a care in the world, just free and light
Everything seems wonderful, good and bright

Time to relax and ponder on life
Whether about the good stuff or of the strife

Time for reflection about what is to come
And savoring the little things, every last one

How fast they've gone by these warm sunny days
So much fun we have had and things to amaze

Siblings loving, teaching, playing
I have the cutest kids in the world, I'm just saying

Where have the days gone?  They went by too fast!
Summer days are fading and soon will be past!

Oh how we'll miss them these warm sunny days
Such wondrous adventures were had to amaze!!!