Thursday, April 16, 2015

Answered Prayers, Life Changing Experiences and Protests Over Mauna Kea!

The Schmidt Missionary Updates!  Although Lexi's
pictures are from last week, we are grateful to
hear that they are doing good and all is
well in their mission fields.  


So life goes on and the things I am experiencing get to change me for the better!!! This has probably been the best week of my life ever! So I have been having trouble setting goals lately so I finally got up the courage to do so and I have been seeing the changes in my life! So first I need to touch on a important topic and that is, that God answers our prayers. I have received so many answers this week it has been almost overwhelming! Every single time me and my companion go to a house and it looks like no one is home and we really need them to be there I always say a quick prayer when it starts to look doubtful, and then almost instantly after a person opens the door. Every time! Heavenly Father truly does listen to us and answers us daily!
Then another cool experience my companion and I ran into someone she used to teach who had decided to stay in her church and not be baptized. So we went to go talk to her, just about five minuets prior to this my companion had prayed for a miracle,  and she told us that she had prayed that God would send a man in her life that was strong in the gospel and she had just found out that the guy she was engaged to was a member of the church and that because of that answer she would continue to be taught the gospel and eventually baptized!!! Our prayers were truly answered and I know that our Father in Heaven was listening to us.
Then, the most greatest experience of all, it was one that changed my life; I went to church and it was just a normal sacrament meeting not very different. I was sincere in remembering my promises and felt that peace that comes from doing so, I decided to read the scriptures and I read verse after verse that I was inspired to look up and Every Single One, was an answer to my prayers. Answer after answer without end, making my Faith unshaken. I have never felt the spirit so strongly in my life! I finally knew for myself that this Gospel, Christs Gospel, is so very true!  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, I wanted to hug every human being in my sight. Tears came to my eyes as this truth was revealed to me. I felt the spirit testify to me throughout the rest of that day. Even during my gospel principles class we talked about personal revelation and answers to prayers. And then the teacher read some of the same scriptures that I had been inspired to read and I knew that he was my second witness.
 I am no longer afraid to teach. I know that the Lord is there and that he guided me, step by step, to this, the greatest experience of my life. I no longer have to question I no longer have to doubt. I once was lost, but now I am found. I KNOW and I testify of the truthfulness that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes we all have times that we begin to doubt, do not fear this. It is the first step to receiving your own personal witness that this is Christs church restored to the earth. But remember, when you get that answer, you have to act, be it changing your life or trying to change others this witness can not be taken lightly for it is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive from your Father in Heaven. 
           I know He Loves us. I know He Listens. I know He's There.

All you have to do is ask and act. My dear Family this Gospel is True. We have been so blessed to be given this amazing gift. Let us Treasure it and NEVER give it away or give it up. I love you all more then words can tell, and our Father in Heaven and his Son also love you. Even more than I do. Always be searching for ways you can change, can become better, and become the Sons and Daughters who are worthy to dwell in Gods presence and be an Forever Eternal Family!

Love x Infinity
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt 


Hi Family,
Things have been very bust here and we have 2 more investigators with baptismal dates!  Now that Elder Tubban is gone, I have a lot more responsibility so things are a bit hectic.  Elder Pacanos  and I are tracting and teaching more and more, we are also at the gym every morning and he is pushing me to my limit, he is crazy and strong.
The world is getting to be such a crazy place and there have been so many people that are just against the church, so that is kind of stressful.  Also some people are protesting in Hawaii because of the telescope that some want to build on Mauna Kea Mountain.  Hawaiians believe that Mauna Kea Mountain is sacred ground, they believe that when Jesus came, he came down on Mauna Kea and then that is how he went up again to heaven, it is also the heart of Hawaii or one of the hearts of Hawaii.  Anyway,  there are already alot of teliscopes on the top, and now they want to bulild the biggest teliscope on earth on there mountain, so to do that they would have to tear a bunch of land off the mountain so the people are mad and there has been protesting all over because of it.
I miss you guys but all is going good, because I am doing Heavenly Father's work and He is with me.   Thank you for all the prayers, I pray for you all as well.  Can't wait to see you and talk to you on Mother's Day!!!  Keep moving forward!!!  Never Give Up!!!
Love you all,
Elder Schmidt




Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conference, Baptisms, and Adventerous P-day Activities

Hello Family!!!
I love hearing from you guys it is always good and it helps me to feel comforted! Another week gone in the field and time waits for no one. It is just flying! So transfers were this week on April 1 and I am staying in Elm Creek for another six weeks with Sister Kirkman! I absolutely love this area and the people in it! So to start off, on Monday it was our district P-day so we decided to go on a little adventure, and the Elders were in charge! (Whoops!) We took a bus all the way to Minneapolis and walked around the city! We saw many tall buildings, walked through the skylights, ran to the top of a parking garage, (the view was awesome!), and walked on the famous Stone Arch bridge which is built on really old mill ruins and is next to St. Anthony falls! The falls were beautiful!

 We also did it because we have an Elder in our district who is getting transferred and we wanted to have some fun with him before he left! His name is Elder Frost and he is the district goofball! So after walking and getting lost and walking and getting lost we finally got back to our bus stop and got back to Elm Creek. (Whew!) It was the best P-day I have had so far!!! Then just the other day we had this huge thunder storm! It was very scary, but I know we were being watched over. At least my companion loved it :P I get to learn knew things every day and bit by bit my testimony is growing bigger. I absolutely loved conference, it was the first time I actually listened and I just could not get enough notes!

 I found so many answers and the power and spirit that is felt from those wonderful speakers just was amazing. My favorite talks were probably Holland (obviously!) Gerald Causse, and Deiter F. Uchtdorf. I just love how powerful and amazing these talks are there was something in each one just for me. Our Father in Heaven is mindful of us and will give us answers if we know that we will act on them! I love Minnesota and I hope you all had a good Easter as you remembered that saviors Atonement which is central to this gospel. Without it there is nothing.I will be Forever grateful to my brother Jesus Christ for doing this for all of us.
 I know that I am doing the Lords work and though at times it is hard to have Faith I know he will  help me to get through. He will never give me or you or anyone a trial too big for us to handle. Trials are here for us to become like Heavenly Father we are not meant to remain in this state of mortality. We are meant to change. Change our lives, our knowledge, and our outlooks on life. We can help each other change and become better as we are examples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 This sacred time I have in the Lords vineyard is so very short, but I know it will affect me forever. I love all of you and pray for each of you to always have the spirit to be able to stay strong in your lives and to be prepared for the life to come. Never lose Hope!!! If we put our Faith in Christ we have nothing to fear!
You guys are the Light of my life and I can wait to hear your sweet voices again! Stay Strong! We are all on a journey that will change us, but it takes patience and courage! I love you my family! Cant wait to be with you Forever!

Love x Infinity
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt :)
P.S.  Sorry no pictures this week :(
Dear family,
It's been a bit rough lately, with my companion giving me more and more responsibility.  I feel like I mess up all the time, but Elder Tubban says: "if you don't lose or do something wrong how can you improve?"  I have taken that into consideration and have realized that it's ok to be wrong or mess up.  This will help me to improve and be a better missionary.  Elder Tubban and I have started to see the fruits of our labors and we are finding more to teach. 
Conference was awesome, the talks were brilliant and charged me up.  I loved all the talks but especially Elder Holland's.  Nakal and Levi's baptisms were great, they were baptized on the 5th after conference.  How exciting this work is and how fun it is to see the blessings that come from trusting in the Lord and giving it all you've got. 
 I bore my testimony recently and never before in my life have I been able to stand at the podium and not be scared.  Nor have I ever spoken with such boldness.  I told the congregation to have courage to stand up for what is right, and not to be afraid to stand alone.  I told them that the Gospel was true and that they shouldn't be afraid to bear their testimonies of what they know to be true. 
I am re-reading the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ, I find so much joy in the scriptures, they truly are a blessing in my life.  One scripture in particular that has helped me on my mission is
1 Nephi 3:7.  It has helped me to realize that God will help me, and that I don't have to be scared, but I should have courage.
We just got the transfer news and Elder Tubban is leaving and I will be staying.  I am happy about staying and my new companion is also Pilipino and his name is Elder Pachanos.  Last p-day we got to see more sights, it's always nice to get closer to nature and I love doing that out here because there is so many things to see.  A funny experience about that:  Elder Tubban found some sugar cane spiders (which don't worry, are not poisonous).  They are pretty big and creepy looking (as you can see from the pictures) and Elder Tubban had them crawling all over his body (which is why we call him Spider-Man.  He wanted me to hold one and when I refused he chased me around with it while I screamed like a little girl.  Ha ha!!!  It took me a while but I eventually held one. 
This mission is flying by so much faster than I ever thought possible, so I am doing all I can to take advantage of the time I have left serving the Lord in Hawaii.  I hope and always pray that you are all doing well and that you are learning all you can in this short time we have on Earth.  I want you to remember this next month how very much the Savior loves you and especially what he has done for you to show that love.
I love you all family, friends, you are all in my prayers.  Keep moving forward and NEVER, NEVER, give up!!!!!
Love you,
Elder Schmidt


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prayers Answered and 2 Pound Pancakes!

Sorry this is so late getting out this week,
sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day:
Helloooo Schmidt Family!!!
Love you All, Miss you All!!!!
So it has been an awesome week! We always have great experiences as we put our faith and trust in our father in heaven! We got to go on exchanges (companion switches) for a day and I got to lead out the area! AH! It actually turned out way better then I thought it would, I only got us lost one time and everything else went perfectly smooth and good. So I felt pretty proud of myself for that one! Another awesome thing this week we got to teach an amazing investigator we found named Amanda who has the most adorable one year old son who is just so very hard not to hold!  She has been looking for a church because she and her family just recently moved here, so we taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she said.....
YES!!! I was so happy I thought my heart would explode!!! It is the best feeling when the people we teach come to know that this is the truth!

I have also experienced many prayer related miracles this week. So this one morning we were trying to help a lady jump start her car and she tried to turn on her car to rev the engine like 10-15 times and it just was not working. So we paused and just said "Lets say a Prayer." So one of the Elders who was helping us said it. Afterwards she got into the car and turned the key and the car started!!! The very first time after we prayed! I know that our prayers were answered and that God had been listening to us and that he always listens to us no matter how small your prayer may seem, he IS there!
        Then just last night we went to go visit a member we had not seen in a while so we were anxious to visit her again. The door to her apartment complex is almost always locked and because of the lateness of the time we didn't have much time to wait for her to answer if she was there. So as we were walking up to the building we prayed that the door would be open so that we could visit with the member. We reached the building and the door was open and the member we had been trying to contact was home! We got to talk with her and see how she was doing! The Lord truly does answer our prayers and I know that as we put our Faith in him he will continue to do so. Remember that it is not until after "The Trial of your Faith." -Ether 12:6. That you receive your witness.
 I also really enjoyed women's conference and the wonderful spirit that was felt, I hope Mom and Michaela also got to see it! It was surely an amazing blessing that I am able to watch and feel of the wonderful testimony's that were shared! OK this is getting long, (whoops!)
         My mission president just shared this amazing quote with me today and I wanted to share it with you guys!
                           "Hands to Work, Hearts to God."
  I know that our Father in Heaven is mindful of all of you and will guide and bless you as you seek to follow and be an example of his Son Jesus Christ! I love you all more than I can put into words and I hope and pray for the Spirit to remain with you always! Never forget that I love all of you!
Love x infinity,
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt :)

From back left: Elder Eskavel, Elder Frost, Elder Knudson, Elder Kozlowski. Front: Me, Sister Kirkman, Sister Trickler, and Sister Dumas.
I love them all!!!

Dear Family,
Thanks for praying for me.  I guess we all just have to pass through hard things in order to get to the good things in life.  This has been the hardest and best experience of my life so far and sometimes it seems like it will never get easier.   Teaching is going good and we have 2 getting baptized Saturday the 4th, so that will be cool.  I am also excited for General Conference and to hear our Prophet talk to us.  
 I am totally working hard to keep on going but Satan knows how to keep pounding me with negative things and they just weigh me down sometimes.  It will pass, I know and like I said, thank you for the prayers they REALLY help me a ton!

So I went to this Hawaiian style restaurant this week where I had a pancake that weighed 2 pounds.  So it's no surprise that I am up 17 pounds from 6 months ago when I came out!  Now I just need to keep working out so it doesn't all turn to fat, ha ha!

Well, sorry no pictures this week and I can't wait to talk to you all on Mother's Day!  Gotta go, till next week.

Love you all and sending unimaginable love your way,
Elder Schmidt


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Utah in Minnesota, highest mountain in the world and Growth galore!!!

Dear Family (and everyone else) :)
I absolutely loved the box, Mom!!! It was a little ray of sunshine in my life so thanks a BUNCH!!! I just can't believe how fast time is flying by, I can't tell the days and the nights apart anymore!!! Time is nonexistent on your mission! So I heard that Mom and Michaela got their medallions!!! SO proud of you guys that is an amazing accomplishment and you will be great examples for others! 
      So just as Time is nonexistent here so is Spring. We just got a bunch of snow yesterday and though it is truly beautiful it's not the best for tracting in. Feeling the spirit and meeting the people who are ready to receive this gospel makes it all worth it though! Just last week we met an amazing person named Tiffany, and her Faith was a very inspiring example to me. She had been praying and asking God to give her a church and direction in her life, she had been feeling very lost at the time, than after she finished her prayer about five minutes after, some missionaries knocked at her door and she said that they were her answer and she recognized that God had answered her prayer! 
        SO AWESOME!!! So then me and my companion got the amazing opportunity to teach her. We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she said Absolutely Yes and that she wanted her three children over eight to be baptized as well!!! (little victory dance)!!! Most amazing experience of my mission so far. God really does answer prayers and guides his children!!! So then we had the problem of how to bring her to church. Many, pretty much all of the African people her have no transportation or do not know how to drive! What we really need is a church bus!!! So we had to get a ride for her and her seven kids!!! Six of them are hers, one is her niece, and she is a single mom!!! Yup, busy busy! Makes me very grateful for you Mom :)
      So anyway we were able to get them all to church and it was a great experience. Even though the kids were hard at times Tiffany said that she had loved what she felt there and desired to come back!!! So it's been an awesome week. We also did lots of biking this week and I know that I am being helped because there is no way that I'd be able to make it without the Lords help! I love the joy that sharing this gospel brings and slowly, but surely I am beginning to see my improvements. I love you all "SO MUCH" -Isaac. And miss you, but I know that you are doing well and that Heavenly Father is watching out for you guys! 

           Moroni 10:18 (cool scripture we found) 

Lve x Infinity,
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt
P.S. I loved Elijah's pictures from the blog. He is CRAZY!!! (Correction: that is actually me next to the horse, thank you) 
All decked out for St. Patrick's Day!!!

 Zone bowling activity
I found Minnesota!!!

 Nonexistent Spring...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Dear Family,

I can't believe how fast time goes out here.  It seems like just minutes ago that I was entering the doors to the MTC, the doors that changed my life forever.  I have changed so much over these past months, it's the hard things that I've learned from.  My companion and I have been finding more people to teach, and although they each have had a hard time believing what we say, we still strive to teach them the best we can.  I am still working out with my companion, and trying to eat right and we play basketball whenever we can.  We went to Mauna Kea last p-day which is the tallest mountain in the world, there was snow and it was cold.
We have been having lots of ward activities lately, a whole bunch of them.  Which is good, we've been able to build a stronger bond with the ward.  We had interviews with the Mission President yesterday and he said that the first Presidency wants all missionaries to start staying in each area for 6 months, so I guess that means I might be here for a while. 

 I have been reading a lot and all the books testify to the divinity of Christ.  His majesty, and His excellence.  I can not tell you how much love I have for my Savior since stepping into this mission.  He is EVERYTHING to me and if He is with me, I have NOTHING to fear! 

I appreciate all the support you guys give and I feel all your prayers for me in my heart.  I want you all to know that I pray for you all and I love you all.  As I continue this miraculous journey in my life, I want you to know that God does love you all more than you can comprehend.  He is always there for you to help you through your trials, all you have to do is ask. 

I know that the Gospel is true, with out a shadow of a doubt, I KNOW!   This is indeed, His church.  I know we will be blessed as we strive to follow the teachings of this Gospel.  I also know that there is now better place for me to be right now.  The Savior, my Lord, my God, my rock, is here watching over me as I strive to bring the chance of salvation to His children. 

He has done EVERYTHING for me and I in return will try to give everything to Him.  Let us never forget the importance of living the Gospel and it's teachings, following HIS teachings.  This is not our home, we lived in Heaven, let us try to get back where we belong.  I will through these 18 months I have left on my mission try to prove my obedience to my God.  If I die in this work, so be it, I will not give in to the enticing's of the devil and his followers.  I know this church is true and though I die, I will not deny!

I am doing well and I am progressing as the days go by.  My challenge to you all-especially to mom and dad is to at least find one person a day to share this glad message with.  The Lord comes swiftly, He is near.  Let us gather as many of Heavenly Father's children to Him as we can.

I love you all and thank you again for your prayers,
Elder Schmidt






Saturday, March 21, 2015

Southern most point, and biking in the North

News out of the South and North:

Hey Schmidt Clan!!!

Miss you all with every little piece of my heart!!! Everything is going great and every experience is a blessing. It has been super duper warm this week, in the sixties for a few days even and we did biking!!! We always find so many people that way and it always seems like God has led us straight to them.
       Not much has really happened this week though. I did get a letter. (From myself!) It was the first one I sent out from the MTC and I sent it to a nonexistent address!!! I was so excited that I got a letter then I read it and I was like "Oh, this is from Me." So yea kinda sad, but also hilarious. Sigh* gotta love missionary life! We went to the presidents fireside just the other day with an investigator and it was amazing. There were many converts that shared their testimonies and the spirit was definitely felt there! Have not been able to teach too much this week, but we did meet lots of new investigators while we biked. 

        My poor companion has had a really tough week. A couple days ago she missed a stair and sprained her ankle then just yesterday she slammed her hand in the car door and got her finger smashed! I felt so bad for her :( 
Then on Tuesday we got to go up to Minneapolis for new missionary training, and that was an amazing experience. I learned a ton about how to communicate and teach better. I also learned about how to make it easier to Find people. Favorite quotes from that were "Doubt Your Doubts." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and "The Lord is Never more far away then your knees are from the ground."

       Quotes are my favorite! So it's been a good missionary week! Also Pie Day was on Saturday and my companion got Pie. That day is not going to happen for another thousand years!!! I love this work and I love the people of Minnesota. It is starting to get warmer and the Spring is starting to show. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways that I don't even know about and he is watching over us and you. Everything that I have learned, and will continue to learn, will be with me for the rest of my life! I hope to be the best missionary that I can be and I know that through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ "I Can Do All Things." 

         I Love you all more then you know and I am just Dying for mothers day so I can hear your sweet voices again!
This mission is amazing (and Cold) and I know it will change my life. 

Love x Infinity!!!
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt 

Dear Family, 

I went to south point yesterday which is the furthest south you can go here in the U.S.  It sounds like there is a lot going on at home with Michael Merrill's farewell and you and Michaela getting your YW medallions, boy how time flies out here.  I plan to make everyday count out here, it's almost been 6 months!  I leaned something really cool today, on April 5th the Church will be the head of You Tube for a day.  

Well we have 2 people with baptismal dates Nakai and Levi, so please will keep them in your prayers.  Satan likes to work on you after you have a date.  So prayers would be good.

The weather has been nice, a bit of rain, not like before, but nice.  Dad I'm still benching and if I continue to work out and rely on the Lord maybe I'll be benching 300 by the time I get home so watch out!  Ha ha!!! I finally figured out how to get this computer to send pictures so here they are.   I miss you guys more than I can bear.  Gotta go.

Love you all,
Elder Schmidt

Yes, this IS ELIJAH standing face to face with a HORSE!!!  


Friday, March 13, 2015

Snakes, Small Temples and Snow balls in Hawaii!!!

Ok, here is our crazy news this week:

Hello Family!!!
Well I have a ton to update on! We just had our baptism on Saturday and that was AWESOME! So happy for her and that awesome decision! Well a lot of cool things have been happening. So just a couple days ago we went to a service place called "feed my starving children" and we got to package food! We did 129 boxes, 27,864 meals, which is enough to feed 76 children for a year!!! So that was awesome as I love to serve and we got to do it as a zone so we had a blast with that! 
       We had a cool experience last week where we were trying to find a investigator named Haws, but his address was not coming up in the GPS, so we felt prompted to go check out this media referral that we had just received. Her name was Elizabeth and she was so excited to see us and had ordered a Book of Mormon and was wanting to go to church and everything!!! We always, always, get led to people at the most random of times! This one time we were going with the Elders to go teach and as we were heading to her apartment we ran into a man named Mike, and I though it was going to be just a simple Hello and Goodbye sort of thing, but we ended up talking to him for an hour and we taught him the restoration, invited him to church, and set up a return appointment!!!
       Another time we had run into a Subway to use the restroom and we found an investigator that my companion had met at the library a while ago and then could not find him again, and there he was!!! He wanted to go to church and was saying he wanted to change his life around! And then we were tracting just the other day and as we were walking back to our car we were walking past this door that we Both felt prompted to knock on, so we did and a girl opened the door and we only spoke to her briefly, but she was very kind and we set up a return appointment with her! The spirit really does work and it is amazing where it can lead you!
          The other day my companion got to face one of her worst fears...Snakes! So one of the last active families in our ward has their own "Petting Zoo". They have ferrets, a parrot, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a baby crocodile, and (my companions favorite) a couple ball pythons!!! They brought the snakes upstairs and my companion was terrified, she did NOT want to touch it, but she did anyway. Her face was priceless!!! Another cool thing every week we go to serve at a food pantry called CEAP, and they did a story of us so we were in the paper!  I did get to the temple and it has the same peaceful feeling but it's super small and there is only one floor so everything is done on the same floor. 
 I have gotten to meet so many amazing people with amazing faith and I am so proud to be out here doing the Lords work!!! I miss you all a TON and I cant wait for the day I can see you all again. The people here are wonderful (the food, not so much) I love you all more then you know and pray for you guys all the time!!! Never lose faith, never stop praying, and NEVER forget that your Heavenly Father and his son love you more then you can comprehend. 
            It's getting warmer so we must be doing something right!!! 
              Always Remember:

                    SCHMIDTS STICK TOGETHER!!!

Love times infinity,
Sister (Alexis) Schmidt




Dear Family,
The past 2 weeks have been crazy.  Remember how I said we were in a drought here?  Well, it's over!  It is now raining buckets, but I like the rain so it's all good unless it stops me from working.   I and doing better so thank you for all the extra thought and prayers on my behalf. 
We have a new investigator, her name is Leonel and she is about 60 and she seems very interested in what we have to say.  We taught her and her husband about the restoration and they said they would read and pray about what we taught them.  Then we bore our testimonies to them of the truthfulness of what we had just taught them.
Funny moments:  when Elder Tubban and I were ridding our bikes and I was telling him that my back wheel wasn't working, only to find out that it was because I was holding down the brake (dah) ha ha!
Oh, I had a snowball fight IN HAWAII!!!  Some of the other Elders went to Mona Kea and brought some snow back with them so we started throwing snowballs.  I guess all my working out is paying off because mine went the furthest-ha ha watch out Dad!
Elder Tubban has me taking the lead in lessons, tracting, calling people, making progress reports, and teaching records.  He also has me on a tough work out routine and yes Dad, I am taking protein after my workouts, I can do this, I will be stronger!!!  I am also eating tons of veggies, no really Mom and we get plenty of meat from the members. I am sleeping ok but it's super hot so we sleep with 3 fans on but then in the morning it's cold because the fans were on all night. 

I am studying the Book of Mormon tons along with Preach my Gospel, Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, Our search for Happiness and they help me prepare to teach better because when I am out here teaching I get questions about the Gospel that I never heard before.  And Dad, I have almost finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission and I am nearly done with Jesus the Christ.  Oh and Christain, I am writing the talk you asked me to write for your baptism and I will send that soon. 
I am getting really good at chess--watch out again Dad.  Oh and we went to the Kona Temple, my first temple trip in Hawaii.  It's the second smallest temple in the world but I just love the peace and comfort that you get no matter the size of the temple.  The next transfers are on April 8th but I think I will probably end up staying here.
Oh and I just got your box, thank you!  I love everything in it.  Anything I need?  Hummm....  Well if you find any of those "Living Scriptures" DVD's that we used to watch when we were little, I think they might be helpful for the kids we are teaching.  I know they are expensive but if you see them at DI for really cheap that would be helpful. 
 Mom and Dad, I want you guys to know that I appreciate everything you do for me, the sacrifices that you make so that I can serve a mission.  Thank you for raising me well and helping me be a Man of God.  You two are amazing and I cannot say enough about how proud I am to have you guys as my parents.  I love you and I am super excited to see you two again!!!
Love your son and brother,
Elder Schmidt